The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge was established in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the rich artistic legacy of the city through education, advocacy, and preservation, as well as promoting the arts & crafts as an integral part of our modern lives.  Based on the ideals of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, the Foundation has sponsored educational seminars, exhibits, tours, publications and special events to increase awareness and appreciation of the arts and crafts.  

An early goal was to acquire the Kalo House, the Park Ridge home of the Kalo Arts Crafts Community (early 20th century).  That effort was not fruitful.  However, the former home/workshop of sculptor/artist Alfonso Iannelli became available.  Kalo's fundraising drive received dramatic support from the community allowing The Kalo Foundation to acquire the property in 2011.


The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge is led by an Executive Board of Directors, with substantial involvement by our members and friends to get the work done.